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Conditionally Accepted, The Quarterly Journal of Economics
Martin Beraja, Andrew Kao, David Yang, Noam Yuchtman

In China, facial recognition AI is used for suppressing civil unrest and the regime’s demand for the technology fosters further innovation.

September 2022

Ohio v. American Express: The Exception That Should Not Become a Rule

Nancy L. Rose and Jonathan Sallet
September 2022
Labor Economics, Macroeconomics

Tasks, Automation and the Rise in US Wage Inequality

Econometrica, 90(5), pp. 1973–2016.
Daron Acemoglu, Pascual Restrepo
September 2022
Health Economics, Public Economics

What Drives Risky Prescription Opioid Use? Evidence from Migration

Amy Finkelstein, Matthew Gentzkow, Dean Li and Heidi L. Williams
September 2022



Fast and Slow Technological Transitions

Martin Beraja, Rodrigo Adao, Nitya Pandalai-Nayar

Economies adjust more slowly to technological innovations when skill specificity is stronger.

September 2022

Interest Rate Cuts vs. Stimulus Payments: An Equivalence Result

Revise and resubmit, Journal of Political Economy
Christian Wolf
September 2022
The American Economic Review 4, 371-388
Economic Theory, Industrial Organization

Optimal Information Disclosure in Auctions

American Economic Review 4, 371-388
Dirk Bergemann, Tibor Heumann, Stephen Morris, Constantine Sorokin, Eyal Winter
September 2022

The Economics of Tropical Deforestation

Prepared for the Annual Review of Economics
Clare Balboni, Aaron Berman, Robin Burgess, and Benjamin A. Olken
September 2022
Development Economics

Blue Spoons: Sparking Communication About Appropriate Technology Use

Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Esther Duflo, Michael Kremer, João Pugliese, Jonathan Robinson and Frank Schilbach
August 2022
Development Economics

Depression and Loneliness Among the Elderly Poor

Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Erin Grela, Madeline McKelway,
Frank Schilbach, Garima Sharma, and Girija Vaidyanathan
August 2022
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Public Economics

Mobility was a significant determinant of reported COVID-19 incidence during the Omicron Surge in the most populous U.S. Counties

BMC Infectious Diseases 22, 691 (2022)
Jeffrey E. Harris
August 2022
Labor Economics

New Frontiers: The Origins and Content of New Work, 1940–2018

Revision requested, Quarterly Journal of Economics
David Autor, Caroline Chin, Anna Salomons, Bryan Seegmiller
August 2022
Econometrics, Macroeconomics

What Can Time Series Regressions Tell Us About Policy Counterfactuals?

Revise and resubmit, Econometrica
Alisdair McKay, Christian Wolf
August 2022
Health Economics, Public Economics

Producing Health: Measuring Value Added of Nursing Homes

Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein and Neale Mahoney
August 2022


Online Appendix
Development Economics

Can a Trusted Messenger Change Behavior when Information is Plentiful? Evidence from the First Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic in West Bengal

Abhijit Banerjee, Marcella Alsan, Emily Breza, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Abhijit Chowdhury, Esther Duflo, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, and Benjamin A. Olken
August 2022

Online Appendix to Learning in Games and the Interpretation of Natural Experiments

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics
Drew Fudenberg and David K. Levine
August 2022

Instrumental Variable Identification of Dynamic Variance Decompositions

Journal of Political Economy, 130 (8), pp. 2164–2202
Mikkel Plagborg-Møller, Christian Wolf
August 2022
Economic Theory

Persuasion with Non-Linear Preferences

Alexander Wolitzky (with Roberto Corrao and Anton Kolotilin) August 2022
August 2022