Unpublished Papers

Efficient Location Choice and the Returns to Agglomeration
Sonia Jaffe and Stephen Morris
October 2017

Informationally Robust Optimal Auction Design
Dirk Bergemenn, Benjamin Brooks, and Stephen Morris
Cowels Foundation Working Paper 2065
December 2016

Games in Preference Form and Preference Rationalizability
Stephen Morris and Satoru Takahashi
DETC Working Paper 043-2012
September 2012

Endogenous Public Signals and Coordination
Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin
January 2006

Regime Change Global Games with Heterogeneous Players and Continuous Actions
Bernardo Guimaraes and Stephen Morris
November 2005

Notes on Strategic Substitutes and Complements in Global Games
Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin
January 2005

Measuring Strategic Uncertainty
Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin
July 2002

Typical Types
Stephen Morris
February 2002

Continuous Consumption Rules with Non-Exponential Discounting
Morris, Stephen
January 2002

Interaction Games: A Unified Analysis of Incomplete Information, Local Interaction and Random Matching
Stephen Morris
Sante Fe Institute Working Paper 97-08-07LE
August 1997

Justifying Rational Expectations
Morris, Stephen
CARESS Working Paper #95-04
March 1995

Impact of Public Announcements on Trade in Financial Markets
CARESS Working Paper #94-16
Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin
June 1994

The Re-Sale Premium for Assets in General Equilibrium
CARESS Working Paper 92-23
Stephen Morris

Acceptance Games and Protocols
CARESS Working Paper #92-22
Stephen Morris
September 1992