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Undergraduate Research

We firmly believe that hands-on experience with economic research is a vital component of MIT Economics training. Undergraduate students can hone their research skills through multiple channels.

Economics Project Lab

The Project Lab is required as part of 14.33: Economics Research and Communication. In the lab, students prepare a study of a question in applied economics and combine their knowledge of economic principles with data analysis to study a topic of their choosing. Topics vary widely, from the measurement of how price changes affect the demand for particular products to studies of how monetary or fiscal policies have affected interest rates or unemployment.


MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) gives undergraduates the chance to work closely with our world-class faculty on projects related to their research. In the course of their UROP projects, which supplement ongoing coursework, students strengthen their research skills by gathering and analyzing data, writing computer programs, checking calculations, gathering research materials, and more.

The department's UROP coordinator for academic year 2023-2024 is Professor Josh Angrist. Please contact Josh or MIT's UROP office with questions.

Summer projects

There are often opportunities in the summer months for students to work on faculty research projects or internships in government, industry or research organizations. UROP involvement is often a first step toward obtaining an internship. Interested students can also contact faculty directly to inquire about opportunities.