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Who we are

For over a century, MIT Economics has played a leading role in economics education, research, and public service. With a commitment to the advancement of groundbreaking research, our program draws new generations of students to the discipline with courses that are at the vanguard of economic knowledge.

We equip students in our undergraduate program with the essential skills for a wide variety of jobs, while our graduate training has set the standard for other leading institutions around the country. Our award-winning faculty and students are making concrete contributions to the world's most pressing challenges, providing the scientific evidence decision-makers need to make strategic and effective policy decisions.

Around the Institute

The department's work is strengthened by the strategic partnerships we have spent decades fostering across the Institute. MIT’s excellence in engineering, science, and management has created valuable educational and research opportunities for our faculty and students, while we have in turn lent our expertise to research and education throughout the Institute. Key MIT partnerships include:

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