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Giving to MIT Economics

Giving Opportunities

Economics Faculty Research Fund

In order to capitalize on new opportunities that will enable us to effectively address the challenges of the world and build upon our legacy as one of the world's premier economics departments, it is crucial for us to secure support for faculty research. Gifts to the MIT Economics Faculty Research Fund will provide critical investment in exciting faculty research taking place in the department.

Nobel laureates
Past Nobel laureates from MIT Economics celebrate Josh Angrist's 2021 Nobel Prize

Endowed Professorship (Senior Faculty)

Professorships provide vital resources for our senior faculty and advance both research and teaching in the department. Giving to MIT Economics through an endowed professorship allows us to recognize and support our world-class faculty today, and for years to come.

Endowed Graduate Fellowship

Graduate fellowships help MIT Economics recruit and support the most promising PhD students, year after year. Your contributions to an endowed fellowship will provide opportunities and stability for outstanding young economists, for generations to come.

Please see the MIT giving website to learn more about other ways to give, including planned gifts, matching gifts, and more.

We wanted to contribute to a place where the money will help attract and support students who could become the best economists in the world. Supporters Daniel SM ’68, PhD ’72 and Gail Rubinfeld