Fredric Kong

Fredric Kong

Second Year

Research Fields

Development Economics, International Economics, Labor Economics, Macroeconomics

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I am currently a rising second-year PhD candidate at MIT. My research focuses on development, international, labour, and macro economics. I received my master's degree from MIT in 2020.


Works in Progress

Theory-Informed Nonparametric Estimation: Brings the interpretability of structural models to machine learning and the flexibility of ML to structural estimation. (Animation)

Simulation of TINE Performance Across Sample Size

Macroeconomy in Developing Countries: Proposes a new macroeconomic framework for developing economy contexts.

Trade, Capital Markets, and Macroeconomy (with Abhijit Banerjee): Explores the interaction between trade, financial frictions, and growth, especially with respect to optimal policies.


Output Equation

Community Effects of Grab (with David Atkin and Ben Faber): Investigates the consequences of gig economy platforms in Indonesia.

Pay Transparency: Studies the reallocation effects of pay transparency.

Automation and new task creation: Further develops a task-based framework to study automation, trade, immigration, as well as other labour market shocks and trends.