Roi Orzach

Thesis Writer

Research Fields

Organizational Economics, Economic Theory

Contact Information

A Corrigendum on ‘Multiproduct Equilibrium Price Dispersion’, JET 2022

Strong Matching Preclusion of Burnt Pancake Graphs, IJPEDS 2015

PhD Teaching: 14.282-14.284 Graduate Field Courses on Organization Economics, 14.271 Graduate Field Course on Theoretical Industrial Organization, 14.125 Graduate Field Course on Market Design

MBA Teaching: 15.S21: EMBA Course Game Theory for Strategic Advantage, 15.902: MBA Course Organizational Economics

Math Teaching: Math 351 Real Analysis (University of Michigan), APM 405 Graph Theory and APM 367 Algorithms (Oakland University)

About me: 4th year PhD Student, name pronounced like Jo-ey with an (R), he/him/his