Working Papers

International Economics

The Textbook Case for Industrial Policy: Theory Meets Data

Arnaud Costinot, D. Bartelme, D. Donaldson, A. Rodriguez-Clare
April 2024
International Economics

The Local Scarring Effect of Negative Trade Shocks: Evidence from the Collapse of Finnish-Soviet Trade

Arnaud Costinot, Matti Sarvimaki, and Jonathan Vogel
March 2024
International Economics

Globalization and the Ladder of Development: Pushed to the Top or Held at the Bottom?

Arnaud Costinot, D. Atkin, M. Fukui
March 2024
International Economics, Political Economy

Why is Trade Not Free? A Revealed Preference Approach

Dave Donaldson, Rodrigo Adão, Arnaud Costinot, and John Sturm
October 2023
International Economics

Putting Quantitative Models to the Test: An Application to Trump's Trade War

Rodrigo Adao, Arnaud Costinot, Dave Donaldson
May 2023
International Economics

Exposure(s) to Trade and Earnings Dynamics: Evidence from the Collapse of Finnish-Soviet Trade

Arnaud Costinot, M. Sarvimaki, J. Vogel
May 2022
International Economics

On Optimal Voting Rules under Homgeneous Preferences

Arnaud Costinot, N. Kartik
January 2009
International Economics

What Goods Do Countries Trade? A Structural Ricardian Model

Arnaud Costinot, I. Komunjer
International Economics

Heterogeneity and Trade

Arnaud Costinot
December 2007