Journal Publications

Identifying Prediction Mistakes in Observational DataAccepted at The Quarterly Journal of Economics.
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A More Credible Approach to Parallel Trends (with Jonathan Roth). 2023. The Review of Economic Studies.
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Panel Experiments and Dynamic Causal Effects: A Finite Population Perspective (with Iavor Bojinov and Neil Shephard). 2021. Quantitative Economics.
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Conference Papers

Characterizing Fairness over the Set of Good Models under Selective Labels (with Amanda Coston and Alexandra Chouldechova). 2021. International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2021).
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An Economic Perspective on Algorithmic Fairness (with Jon KleinbergJens Ludwig and Sendhil Mullainathan). 2020. AEA Papers and Proceedings, 110, Pp. 91-95. Non-refereed.
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Bias In, Bias Out? Evaluating the Folk Wisdom (with Jonathan Roth). 2020. 1st Symposium on the Foundations of Responsible Computing (FORC 2020), LIPIcs, 156, Pp. 6:1-6:15.
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Algorithmic Fairness (with Jon KleinbergJens Ludwig and Sendhil Mullainathan). 2018. AEA Papers and Proceedings, 108, Pp. 22-27. Non-refereed.
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