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Working Papers


IV Methods Reconcile Intention-to-Screen Effects Across Pragmatic Cancer Screening Trials

NBER Working Paper #31443
Joshua Angrist, Peter Hull
July 2023
Labor Economics

Still Worth the Trip? School Busing Effects in Boston and New York

NBER Working Paper #30308
Joshua Angrist, Guthrie Gray-Lobe, Clemence M. Idoux, Parag A. Pathak
July 2022

Race and the Mismeasure of School Quality

Joshua D. Angrist, Peter Hull, Parag A. Pathak and Christopher R. Walters
December 2021
Labor Economics, Econometrics

Evaluating Post-Secondary Aid: Enrollment, Persistence, and Projected Completion Effects

Joshua Angrist, David Autor, Sally Hudson, Amanda Pallais
December 2016
Labor Economics, Econometrics

Leveling Up: Early Results from a Randomized Evaluation of Post-Secondary Aid

Joshua Angrist, David Autor, Sally Hudson, Amanda Pallais
March 2017


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Labor Economics, Econometrics

Wanna Get Away? RD Identification Away from the Cutoff

Joshua Angrist, Miikka Rokkanen
December 2012

Student Achievement in Massachusetts Charter Schools

Joshua D. Angrist, S.R. Cohodes, S. Dynarski, J.B. Fullerton, T.J. Kane, Parag A. Pathak and Christopher R. Walters
February 2011
Labor Economics, Econometrics

Informing the Debate: Comparing Boston’s Charter, Pilot and Traditional Schools

Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Joshua Angrist, Sarah Cohodes, Sue Dynarski, Jon Fullerton, Tom Kane, Parag Pathak
January 2009
Econometrics, Labor Economics

Long-Term Economic Consequences of Vietnam-Era Conscription: Schooling, Experience and Earnings

Joshua D. Angrist, Stacey H. Chen
May 2011
Labor Economics, Econometrics

Lead Them to Water and Pay Them to Drink: An Experiment with Services and Incentives for College Achievement

Joshua Angrist, Daniel Lang, Philip Oreopoulos
December 2006
Labor Economics, Econometrics

New Evidence on the Causal Link Between the Quantity and Quality of Children

Joshua D. Angrist, Victor Lavy, Analia Schlosser
December 2005
Labor Economics, Econometrics

Semiparametric Causality Tests Using the Policy Propensity Score

Joshua D. Angrist, Guido M. Kuersteiner
December 2004
Labor Economics, Econometrics

The Effect of High School Matriculation Awards: Evidence from Randomized Trials

Joshua D. Angrist, Victor Lavy
December 2002
Labor Economics, Econometrics

The Palestinian Labor Market Between the Gulf War and Autonomy

Joshua Angrist
May 1998
Labor Economics, Econometrics

The Effect of Teen Childbearing and Single Parenthood on Childhood Disabilities and Progress in School

Joshua Angrist, VIctor Lavy
October 1996
Labor Economics, Econometrics

Conditioning on the Probability of Selection to Control Selection Bias

Joshua D. Angrist
June 1995