Working Papers

"Designing Benefits for Platform Workers," NBER Working Paper #29736, February 2022

“Do Higher-Priced Hospitals Deliver Higher-Quality Care?” NBER Working Paper #29809, February 2022 (with Zack Cooper, Joesph J. Doyle Jr., and John A. Graves).

“Estimating the Financial Impact of Gene Therapy in the United States,” NBER Working Paper #28628, April 2021 (with Chi Heem Wong, Dexin Li, Nina Wang, Rena Conti and Andrew Lo).

“Public and Private Options in Practice: The Military Health System,” NBER Working Paper #28256, January 2021 (with Michael Frakes and Timothy Justicz).

“Designing Efficient Contact Tracing Through Risk-Based Quarantining,” NBER Working Paper #28135, November 2020 (with Andrew Perrault, Marie Charpignon, Milind Tambe and Maimuna Majumder).

“Valuing Rare Pediatric Drugs:  An Economics Perspective,” NBER Working Paper #27978, October 2020 (with Rena Conti, Daniel Ollendorf and Peter Neumann).

“Adaptive Control of COVID-19 Outbreaks in India: Local, Gradual and Trigger-Based Exit Paths from Lockdown,” NBER WP #27532, July 2020 (with Anup Malani and others).

“Natural Disasters and Elective Medical Services: How Big is the Bounceback?,” NBER Working Paper #27505, July 2020 (with Tatyana Deryugina and Adrienne Sabety).

“Managing Intelligence: Skilled Experts and AI in Markets for Complex Products,”
NBER Working Paper #27038, April 2020 (with Ben Handel, Samuel Kina, and Jonathan Kolstad).

“Fiscal Federalism and the Budget Impacts of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid Expansions”
NBER Working Paper #26862, March 2020 (with Ben Sommers).

“Reclassification to Avoid Consumer Cost-Sharing in Group Health Plans”
NBER Working Paper #25870, May 2019 (with Olesya Fomenko)

Cheaper by the Dozen: Using Sibling Discounts at Catholic Schools to Estimate the Price Elasticity of Private School Attendance,” NBER Working Paper #15461, October 2009 (with Susan  Dynarski and Danielle Li).

"Youth Smoking in the U.S.: Prices and Policies," NBER Working Paper #7506, January 2000.