Working Papers

"Observability, Dominance, and Induction in Learning Models," August 2022, Daniel Clark, Drew Fudenberg, and Kevin He. 

Pathwise Concentration Bounds for Bayesian Beliefs, August 2022, Drew Fudenberg and Giacomo Lanzani.

"The Transfer Performance of Economic Models," July 2022, Isaiah Andrews, Drew Fudenberg, Annie Liang, and Chaofeng Wu.

"Predicting Cooperation with Learning Models," May 2022, Drew Fudenberg and Gustav Karreskog. Online Appendix. Slides. 

"Selective Memory Equilibrium," May 2022, Drew Fudenberg, Giacomo Lanzani, and Philipp Strack.

"How Flexible is that Functional Form? Quantifying the Restrictiveness of Theories," May 2022, Drew Fudenberg, Wayne Gao and Annie Liang.

"Learning and Equilibrium Refinements," January 2022, Drew Fudenberg.

"Evaluating and Extending Theories of Choice Under Risk," July 2021, Drew Fudenberg and Indira Puri.

"Self-Control, Social Preferences and the Effect of Delayed Payments," February 2016, Anna Dreber, Drew Fudenberg, David K. Levine, and David G. Rand.

"Predictive Game Theory," 2010, Drew Fudenberg.

"Stochastic Stability in Birth-Death Processes on Large Populations," 2008, Drew Fudenberg and Daniel Hojman.
"Balanced-Budget Mechanisms with Incomplete Information," 1995, Drew Fudenberg, David K. Levine, and Eric Maskin.
"Learning in Extensive-Form Games, II: Experimentation and Nash Equilibrium," 1994, Drew Fudenberg and David M. Kreps. Note: This file is very large because it is the scan of a 1994 working paper. 
"Evolution and Repeated Games," 1994, Drew Fudenberg and Eric Maskin.
"A Theory of Learning, Experimentation, and Equilibrium in Games," July 1988, Drew Fudenberg and David M. Kreps.