Randomized Evaluations

Clinical Decision Support for Radiology Imaging
(with Sarah Abraham, Joseph Doyle, Laura Feeney and Sarah Reimer)
Paper: Clinical decision support for high-cost imaging: A randomized clinical trial. PLoS ONE 14(3): e0213373. March 2019
Intervention start date: 2016

SNAP Take-up Evaluation
with Matthew Notowidigdo)
Paper: Take-up and Targeting: Experimental Evidence from SNAP. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 134(3): 1505-1556, August 2019
Intervention start date: 2015

The challenges of universal health insurance in developing countries- Experimenal Evidence from Indonesia's National Health Insurance
(with Abhijit Banerjee, Rema Hanna, Benjamin Olken, Arianna Ornaghi, and Sudarno Sumarto)
Paper: The Challenges of Universal Health Insurance in Developing Countries: Experimental Evidence from Indonesia’s National Health Insurance. American Economic Review 2021, 111(9): 3035–3063. September 2021
Intervention Start Date: 2015

Health Care Hotspotting
(with Jeffrey Brenner, Joseph Doyle, Sarah Taumban, and Annetta Zhou)
Paper: Health Care Hotspotting — A Randomized, Controlled Trial. New England Journal of Medicine 2020;382:152-62. January 2020
Paper: The Camden Coalition Care Management Program Improved Intermediate Care Coordination: A Randomized Controlled Trial
(with Joel C. Cantor, Jesse Gubb, Margaret Koller, Aaron Truchil,  Ruohua Annetta Zhou and Joseph Doyle)
Health Affairs, January 2024, 43:1
Intervention start date: 2014

Reducing Inappropriate Prescribing of Controlled Substances
(with Shantanu Agrawal, Adam Sacarny, and David Yokum)
Paper: Medicare Letters To Curb Overprescribing Of Controlled Substances Had No Detectable Effect On Providers. Health Affairs, 35, no.3 (2016):471-479. March 2016
Intervention start date: 2014

Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
(co PIs: Amy Finkelstein and Katherine Baicker)
Intervention start date: 2008
J-PAL Summary

Changing Financial Incentives for Medicare Providers to Encourage Home Dialysis in the United States
(with Liran Einav, Yunan Ji and Neale Mahoney) 
Paper: Financial Incentives to Facilities and Clinicians Treating Patients With End-stage Kidney Disease and Use of Home Dialysis. JAMA Health Forum, October 2022;3(10):e223503
Intervention start date: 2021

The Impact of Bundled Payments on Medicare Spending, Utilization, and Quality in the United States
(with Yunan Ji, Neale Mahoney and Jonathan Skinner)
Paper: Voluntary Regulation: Evidence from Medicare Payment Reform. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 137(1),565–618. February 2022
Paper: Mandatory Medicare Bundled Payment Program for Lower Extremity Joint Replacement and Discharge to Institutional Postacute Care: Interim Analysis of the First Year of a 5-Year Randomized Trial. JAMA. 2018;320(9):892-900. September 2018
Paper: Randomized trial shows healthcare payment reform has equal-sized spillover effects on patients not targeted by reform. PNAS, 117(32):18939-18947. August 2020
Intervention start date: 2016

Re-Analysis of the RAND Health Insurance Experiment
(with Aviva Aron-Dine and Liran Einav)