Randomized Evaluations

Financial Incentives to Facilities and Clinicians Treating Patients With End-stage Kidney Disease and Use of Home Dialysis
(with Liran Einav, Yunan Ji and Neale Mahoney) 
JAMA Health Forum, October 2022;3(10):e223503

Beyond Causality: Additional Benefits of Randomized Controlled Trials for Improving Health Care Delivery
(with Marcella Alsan)
Milbank Q, July 2021    

The Impact of Bundled Payments on Medicare Spending, Utilization, and Quality in the United States
(with Yunan Ji, Neale Mahoney and Jonathan Skinner)
Original investigation
Intervention start date: 2016

Clinical Decision Support for Radiology Imaging
(with Sarah Abraham, Joseph Doyle, Laura Feeney and Sarah Reimer)
Intervention start date: 2016

SNAP Take-up Evaluation
with Matthew Notowidigdo)
Intervention start date: 2015

The challenges of universal health insurance in developing countries- Experimenal Evidence from Indonesia's National Health Insurance
(with Abhijit Banerjee, Rema Hanna, Benjamin Olken, Arianna Ornaghi, and Sudarno Sumarto)
Intervention Start Date: 2015

Health Care Hotspotting
(with Jeffrey Brenner, Joseph Doyle, Sarah Taumban, and Annetta Zhou)
Intervention start date: 2014

Reducing Inappropriate Prescribing of Controlled Substances
(with Shantanu Agrawal, Adam Sacarny, and David Yokum)
Intervention start date: 2014

Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
(co PIs: Amy Finkelstein and Katherine Baicker)
J-PAL Policy Briefcase

Re-Analysis of the RAND Health Insurance Experiment
(with Aviva Aron-Dine and Liran Einav)