Working Papers

Lives vs. Livelihoods: The Impact of the Great Recession on Mortality and Welfare
NBER Working Paper 32110
(with Matthew J. Notowidigdo, Frank Schilbach, and Jonathan Zhang)
February 2024
Revise and Resubmit requested, Quarterly Journal of Economics

Geographic Variation in Healthcare Utilization: The Role of Physicians
NBER Working Paper 31749
(with Ivan Badinski, Matthew Gentzkow, and Peter Hull)
October 2023

Heterogeneity in Damages from a Pandemic 
NBER Working Paper 30658
(with Geoffrey Kocks, Maria Polyakova and Victoria Udalova)
November 2022
Revised and Resubmitted, Review of Economics and Statistics

What Drives Risky Prescription Opioid Use? Evidence from Migration
NBER Working Paper 30471 (with Matthew Gentzkow, Dean Li and Heidi L. Williams)
September 2022

Producing Health: Measuring Value Added of Nursing Homes
NBER Working Paper 30228 (Liran Einav and Neale Mahoney)
August 2022
Revise and Resubmit requested, Econometrica

Market Design in Regulated Health Insurance Markets: Risk Adjustment vs. Subsidies
(with Liran Einav and Pietro Tebaldi)
February 2019